Arnold’s Golden six program

Greetings from the BurnFit Team!

Dipping your toes into the fitness world? Today, we’re unveiling a whole body training regimen that’s perfect for fitness novices.

Enter the Golden Six program, endorsed by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a segmented workout routine. Instead, it’s a holistic, full-body approach.

You might conjure images of Arnold’s iconic segmented routines – the ones that inspired countless bodybuilders – or even those pyramid-style exercises. Yet, for beginners not aiming for professional bodybuilding, Arnold championed the merits of comprehensive full-body workouts.

Intriguingly, recent research echoes this sentiment. For those not specifically targeting muscle hypertrophy (or bodybuilding-size gains), holistic full-body training seems to be the golden ticket for muscle enhancement.

Why is it called the Golden Six, you ask? Arnold advocated this program for newcomers, centered around six pivotal exercises per session. Its repetitive nature means you’ll have it down pat in no time. And the best part? Its straightforwardness makes it a breeze for beginners to adopt.

Dive into the details of the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Golden Six Program and execute it like a pro

[Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Golden Six Program]

🔥 Exercise & Recommended Reps:

ExercisesRepetitions & Sets
Barbell Squat10 reps for 4 sets
Bench Press10 reps for 3 sets
Chin-upAs many as possible for 3 sets
Behind Neck Press10 reps for 4 sets
Barbell Curl20 reps for 3 sets
Sit-upAs many as possible for 3 sets

Arnold recommended doing this workout at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 3 months.

He also advised resting between 2 and 3 minutes between sets. If you stick to the timing, you can finish all these exercises in roughly 1 to 1 hour 10 minutes.

Here’s a supplementary explanation about the Arnold Golden Six

Barbell Squat

Squats are the king of exercises! Performing 4 sets of 10 reps with the appropriate weight is not easy. Just because it’s an “easy-to-follow program” doesn’t mean the exercise itself is easy. If your legs aren’t tired after this, you need to increase the weight next time.

Bench Press

Proper form is vital. A very basic set and number. The 3 sets of 10 reps can be a foundation for any exercise aiming for muscle growth. There’s probably no better method for building upper body muscles.


Go all the way! If you think you can’t do a single pull-up because you’re a beginner, don’t forget this is a 3-month program. Try hanging as long as you can. Either jump to pull yourself up or use a chair. After 1-2 weeks, you’ll be able to do a couple, and by the end of 3 months, you’ll see a huge improvement.

Behind the Neck Press

Focus on your back! This is something I’d personally like to modify. The behind-the-neck press can cause shoulder and wrist injuries for beginners. So, I recommend the military press which is simpler and involves more shoulder muscles.

Barbell Curl

If you feel that the weight of the barbell curl in the picture seems off, that’s normal. The most common mistake in barbell curls is not lowering the barbell all the way down. Maintain muscle tension and lift and lower 20 times without stopping. Choose the right weight as 20 reps isn’t easy.


Sit-ups can strain the back and spine if done incorrectly by beginners. Instead, I recommend other ab exercises like crunches or hanging leg raises.

That’s all about the Golden Six program.

If you feel this one-hour routine is a bit lacking (which it shouldn’t if done right), I recommend adding deadlifts with light weights.

While it may seem simple and rough, if you follow this program correctly, you’ll genuinely feel significant changes in your body.

Try it for just three months, and you’ll feel firsthand why such programs are essential

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