What’s the Barbell Supporter? How can I use it?

Barbell is an essential piece of exercise equipment for true gym goers!!
It can be considered a crucial element in progressively overloading and training large muscles

However, as the weight of the barbell increases, there is a complex process of calculating which plates should be attached. The feature that can help with this is the Barbell Supporter!

How to use Barbell Supporter

Step1 At the workout plan page, click on the set number of the set you wish to use barbell supporter

Step 2 You can check the calculated barbell supporter through preview.

If you want to change the type of barbell or plates, you can set options by clicking “>”.

Step 3 In the options, you can choose the type of barbell you use.

  • Standard(20kg)
  • Thin (15kg)
  • Short (10kg)
  • Ez-bar(5kg)

You can also choose the type of plates you currently have.

Step4 Click the barbell and plates to turn on the availability.

We’ll help you set the weight you want with the tools you have.