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Are you putting in the effort but not seeing the results? Tired of guessing which workout is best for you? Whether it’s building muscle, getting stronger, or fast-paced exercises, we understand the confusion.
Try BurnFit’s tailored program, designed just for you. See the change you’ve been waiting for!

📈 What is workout program?

Remember how some friends always seemed to study smarter in school? Just like that, there are smarter ways to grow muscles too. It’s all about knowing where you stand and pacing yourself. Keep at it, and not only will you see results, but you’ll also begin to enjoy the process. With so many tried-and-tested strength training methods out there, it’s clear: our bodies can be guided to grow muscles.

For those eyeing bigger muscles, bodybuilding training emphasizes the right amount of repetitions. While there’s a sea of workout plans available, BurnFit brings you only the best of the best. Let’s grow stronger, together!

⚡️ Personalized program

Remember the old days when you had to scour the internet for a workout program? After finding one, you’d punch your performance stats (like 1RM) into Google Spreadsheets or Excel, craft a program, and then either type it into your phone or jot it down on a piece of paper for the gym. Yep, we’ve all been there. 🤦 🤦‍♂️

But with BurnFit, those days are long gone! Simply pop in your 1RM for key exercises and voila! BurnFit offers you tailored weights & reps, aligned with the smallest weight plate you own, for a full 8 to 12 weeks. Workout planning made simple and smart!

📝 Programs

BurnFit’s programs aren’t just any routines – they’re tried and tested by numerous fitness enthusiasts who’ve seen real growth! Here’s what we currently offer: (Note: We’re always adding to our list, so stay tuned for more updates!)

Starting Strength

Starting Strength is for those who are new to strength training. It’s very simple to focus on basic workouts, making it a great program for beginners. This program has been proven by experts and is the first program that many trainers recommend.

Mad Cow

This program is similar to Pendlay’s Texas Method program and was created based on Glenn Pendlay, an American level 5 Olympic lifting coach. AT the beginning of the program, you may feel that the volume is insufficient, but your concern will not last long.

5/3/1 Basic

This Program is designed to help you grow overall functionality by including conditioning and mobility as well as strength. This program was developed for people who perform strength training as additional exercise but it’s also effective for heavy weight training as well.

Bodyweight Training

This program is for people just starting out weight training. It will help you get used to using your body function more naturally by using body weight before starting actual weight training

Golden Six

This program is a program that Arnold Schwarzenegger, known as the king of bodybuilding, performed during his early days. The name of Golden Six refers to the six core movement Arnold considered precious movements like gold.

GVT 10×10

This Program is designed to help German weightlifters to increase their strength and hypertrophy at the same time during the off-season. Due to its enormous exercise volume, it is an exercise method that can be used by more than intermediate and advanced users rather than beginners.

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