Your own Growth Data

Track your workout journey with insightful data!

Maintaining a workout log helps you revisit past routines and refine your present regimen. With BurnFit PRO, dive deeper into your exercise history using insightful graphs and visual aids. Craft an even better workout strategy for yourself

Weekly Progress

Track your weekly fitness milestones: the workouts you’ve undertaken and the total weights you’ve conquered. Get insights into which muscle groups you’re emphasizing by analyzing the volume. Discover your weekly workout rhythm, highlighting the focus of each day!

Monthly Summary

Eager to gauge your year’s fitness journey? Explore it with your monthly exercise insights. Long-time BurnFit users? Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your yearly training trends via our charts!

Monthly Progress

Wondering how this month’s effort stacks against the last? Compare workout frequency, duration, and weight to measure your monthly growth. If the charts show a dip, there’s still time to ramp up your game!

Exercise Log

Overload Analysis

Tracking your squat progress? Keen to ensure every exercise receives the right challenge? Examine your performance records for each exercise—spotlighting estimated 1RM, peak weight, and max volume. Plus, visualize your growth trajectory with our graphs.