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PRO Feature #1

Custom programs

Unlock your fitness potential with BurnFit’s bespoke plans, merging world-class workouts with your unique strengths. Our commitment is crafting a fitness journey tailored exclusively for you. Witness real muscle gains with our 8-12 week specialized programs, customized to align with your individual fitness prowess

PRO Feature#2

Unlimited Routines

BurnFit’s Routines feature empowers users to log their workout sessions and seamlessly integrate them into their fitness plans. Enjoy registering up to two workouts at no cost! Go limitless with workout registrations as a BurnFit PRO subscriber

PRO Feature#3

Your own growth data

Are you truly maximizing your workouts? Discover your true potential with BurnFit PRO by tracking your progress through our comprehensive chart system! Update your workout history and watch your evolution unfold with insightful metrics right on your My Page. Join BurnFit PRO now and take control of your fitness journey!

PRO Feature#4

Monthly reports

Pondering over your recent workouts or contemplating next month’s fitness strategy? If these questions resonate with you, it’s time to explore BurnFit PRO’s monthly reports. Gain clarity on your monthly performance and make informed decisions for your upcoming fitness plans. Experience the insight. Try BurnFit PRO today!

PRO Feature#5

Useful features (Apple Watch, etc.)

Amplify your workouts with BurnFit’s advanced features! Embrace the power of unlimited barbell support, Apple Watch integration, and a suite of tools essential for planning and tracking your fitness journey. All these perks await with a BurnFit PRO subscription. Elevate your workout experience today!

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