Trap-bar Deadlift

Leg | Etc. | Difficulty Hard

How To Perform Trap-bar Deadlift

  1. Place both feet about the shoulder-wide, spread your feet slightly outward to engage your adductors.
  2. Keeping your upper body straight and bend your knees to grab the trap bar with both hands. At this time, bend your knees forward, closer to the squat position than the conventional deadlift.
  3. While keeping your abs tight, lift the bar as if you were pushing the floor with your feet.
  4. After fully stretch your body, contract your glute, lower the barbell to the floor, and return to the starting position.

See video for details.

How to Do a Trap-bar Deadlift Correctly

Master the Perfect Trap-bar Deadlift!

How to Do a Trap-bar Deadlift Correctly

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