Snatch Balance

Lifting | Barbell | Difficulty Hard

How To Perform Snatch Balance

  1. Grasp the barbell wide (snatch grip) and place it behind your neck.
  2. Gently bend your hips, knees, and ankles while lifting the barbell over your head with your legs spread out to the sides.
  3. Slowly lower your hips and squat while holding the lifted barbell with both arms. Then, push the shoulder blades upwards and fully straighten the elbows to stabilize the barbell.
  4. Return to position 2 using the strength of your glutes and lower body.
  5. Lower the barbell behind your neck and return to position 1. At this time, lightly bend the hip and knee to prevent the joint and spine injury.

See video for details.

How to Do a Snatch Balance Correctly

Master the Perfect Snatch Balance!

How to Do a Snatch Balance Correctly

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