Bench Dips

Arm | Bodyweight | Difficulty Normal

How To Perform Bench Dips

  1. Place the bench behind you, and hold the edge of the bench with your hands shoulder-width apart. (If you think your shoulder is not flexible enough, hold it wider than shoulder width.)
  2. The intensity is differ based on the position of the foot, so set the appropriate position. (Intensity increases as you move away from the body and decreases as you get closer.)
  3. Bend your arms and lower your body vertically. Allow both elbows to move in a right-angle direction to the back.
  4. Feel the stimulation of your triceps and push your body up to return to the starting position.

See video for details.

How to Do a Bench Dips Correctly

Master the Perfect Bench Dips!

How to Do a Bench Dips Correctly

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