I added an exercise that didn’t exist, but then BurnFit added the same exercise. Is it possible to transfer data?

BurnFit continuously adds exercises based on user’s suggestions. Therefore, there are cases where we officially add an exercise the same as an exercise that the user made by themselves.

To prepare for such situations, we made a feature that brings in data (performance records, dates, etc.) applied to other exercises.

Let’s move data from the “Smith shoulder press” I made to Smith machine overhead press that BurnFit added.

Step 1. Select the exercise you want to move data to

Step 2. Tab ‘setting’ and click ‘Import exercise data’

Step 3. Find the exercise you want to import data from then click ‘Confirm’

Please note! When data is imported, all data from the imported exercise is transferred, and the data for that exercise is reset to 0.