Snatch High Pull

Lifting | Barbell | Difficulty Normal

How To Perform Snatch High Pull

  1. With your feet slightly wider than your hips, hold the barbell wide and straighten your arms.
  2. While maintaining your abdominal pressure, raise the barbell as if it were attached to your shin.
  3. When the barbell passes the pelvis, uses the power of the glutes to explosively lift the barbell vertically to the ground. As you do this, lift your heels to maximize your glutes’ strength.
  4. Pull the barbell above your waist up to the bottom of your chin. At this point, your elbows should point toward the sky.
  5. Return to the starting position by lowering the barbell to the floor in the reverse order.

See video for details.

How to Do a Snatch High Pull Correctly

Master the Perfect Snatch High Pull!

How to Do a Snatch High Pull Correctly

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