Useful Features

Make full use of BurnFit’s helpful features

BurnFit is more than just an app—it’s a comprehensive tool designed to enhance your workout sessions. While the essential features like creating, reviewing, and following workout logs come at no cost, unlock the ultimate fitness companion with BurnFit PRO.

💪 Useful Features

Apple Watch Integration

Take your BurnFit PRO experience to the next level by logging and managing workouts directly from your Apple Watch. If you want an undistracted gym session without constantly checking your phone, the Apple Watch integration is your solution! And guess what? Galaxy Watch support is on its way!

Barbell Supporter

Confused about how many 20kg, 10kg, or 5kg plates you need for your barbell setup? Say hello to the ‘Barbell Supporter’ feature in BurnFit PRO! Simply punch in your desired weight, and the feature will guide you on which plates to add. Lifting made it efficient and convenient!