Unlimited Routines

Create unlimited number of routines to make your workout log more easily

Tired of copy-pasting your exercises over and over? Ever wish you could recall that perfect workout routine from last week? Say goodbye to those concerns with BurnFit Unlimited Routines! If you’re unsure where to begin, kickstart your fitness journey with our top recommended routines at BurnFit

🤔 What is routine feature?

BurnFit is a workout log service where users can see their exercise plans, execution, and post-workout records at a glance. Among its features, the ability to plan workouts in advance stands out as one of the most important!
The routine feature allows users to save and manage records of exercises they repeatedly perform.

♾️ Unlimited Routines

Start with BurnFit for free and enjoy crafting up to 2 personal routines! Think two’s plenty? Great! But as your fitness journey evolves, you might crave variety. For those eager to mix it up even more, BurnFit PRO unlocks unlimited routine creation. Choose what fits your stride, and let’s get moving!

✅ Routine recommandation

New to the workout world or just seeking a fresh routine to spice up your sessions? Dive into BurnFit’s ‘Workout Routine Recommendation’ feature.

Get tailored recommendations suited to your needs. And guess what? You can hit the gym with that routine right away or save it for later. Remember, if you wish to store more than two routines, BurnFit PRO’s got you covered!