Why BurnFit?

In the sea of workout journal apps, it can be challenging to find one that stands out. Before our journey with BurnFit began, we, too, dabbled with various workout journal applications, especially those developed internationally.

Historically, fitness enthusiasts understood the power of diligently tracking their routines. Just a handful of years back, it wasn’t uncommon to see individuals lugging notebooks and pens alongside their gym gear.

With the ubiquity of smartphones, a new dawn emerged. Multiple services attempted to digitize the traditional workout journal, addressing many past inconveniences. Yet, two major concerns prompted the birth of BurnFit:

  1. Dissatisfaction with existing mobile workout apps.
  2. An overwhelming emphasis on merely “recording”, with no evolution beyond the classic notebook paradigm.

BurnFit’s core philosophy revolves around addressing these issues. Our distinguishing feature? Unlike conventional apps that primarily focus on logging completed workouts, BurnFit champions the journey: planning, executing, and evolving with each workout.

Because, in essence, merely recording is not the destination, but a stepping stone.

BurnFit’s foundation rests on three pillars:

BurnFit’s foundation rests on three pillars

🗓️ Intuitive Workout Planning and Scheduling via Calendar Interface

Everyone understands a calendar—it’s simple, visual, and intuitive. BurnFit harnesses this familiarity, elevating the calendar beyond a passive log into a dynamic tool for meticulous planning and management. Our suite of user-friendly features—including importing past entries and cloning planned workouts—facilitates effortless journaling. And stay tuned: We’re gearing up to refine our routines feature for an even smoother tracking experience.

🤔 An Analytics Dashboard That Makes Health Insights Accessible

Our data visualization provides an instant snapshot of your fitness progression. Being aware of your current status and formulating an informed plan is a recipe for consistent growth. This innovative approach led BurnFit to be lauded by Forbes Health in the US as the top app for strength training analytics. A proud moment indeed!

🏃 Expert-Crafted Workout Programs to Elevate Your Training

While there’s immense learning in devising and assessing your workout regimes, a touch of expert guidance can fast-track your fitness evolution. At BurnFit, we champion authenticity: Every program we introduce is one our team has personally tested and benefited from. As of now, six tailor-made programs await you, with more in the pipeline.

While BurnFit offers expansive freedom in crafting and maintaining a workout journal, our premium features cater to those seeking an elevated level of detail, expertise, and convenience.

Though currently labeled as a workout journal app, BurnFit envisions a grander future. We’re poised to evolve into a communal platform, fostering shared fitness journeys and insights.

BurnFit: The Definitive Workout Journal Experience

Our aspiration? When someone utters “workout journal,” BurnFit should resonate as the gold standard. Join us in redefining fitness tracking!

FOrbes Health

Winner of Best Workout data tracking App (2022,2023)

The best Workout Analysis App

FOrbes Health

Winner of Best Workout data tracking App (2022,2023)

The best Workout Analysis App